title2E. Erotii is an Erotica Writer with Dark-Adapted Eyes – Composer of dirty tales written down in lemon juice …now if only I may brave the sun so I can read what I’ve written!

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  1. Thank you for following my blog – I am terrified of disappointing by not delivering. The last post might always be the last post. I have read Breathing an Erotic Writer’s Dream before on Eric Keys’ wonderful blog. He knows that I am too timid/whatever to be a reader let alone writer of erotica, but that I respect the literacy, truth and passion of good writing in any genre, so thank you!

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    • You’re most welcome… have enjoyed a few of your posts already and look forward to reading more.
      I am well-versed in this terror of ‘disappointing by not delivering’. I don’t believe it’s a fear I shall probably ever overcome so I’ve decided to wrap it sweetly in red silken ribbons and slide it under my bed for the time being in hopes I’ll forget it’s there. I’ve a rather grand fear of what’s under the bed anyhow so perhaps one (or the other) fear will eventually work in my favour.
      I must thank Mr. Keys yet again for his share of my post and for the lovely guests it has ushered into my strange little parlor, and am hoping that if you may be too timid to read erotica, perhaps you won’t be too shy to read about the process and come and visit often… because again, you’re most welcome!


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